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Skip a Payment

Are you looking for relief and need some extra cash? One way to do this is to request a skip a payment on your current loan payment. If you’ve had on time payments for 12 months you may qualify. Skip a payments not eligible on Visa Credit Cards or Member Advance Loans.

How to Request a Skip a pay:

  1. Complete the Online request form here.
  2. Text the word "Skip" to 206-278-2552 and complete the request form from your phone.
  3. Once your request is received the loan department will review and communicate with you within 3 business days.

If you have questions, please email us at or call us M-F 10am-5pm at 206-622-1850.

For ALL forms below. Please complete form and sign, then fax, mail or bring in to complete the process. To send electronically, please use the form at the bottom of this page.

Interest Rate Reduction Request Form

What is a rate review? One time over the life of your loan with Express, we can lower your interest rate on your auto loan to help save you interest paid and cut down the term of the loan. (This is not to be confused with a refinance.) If you qualify for a lower rate, it will not reduce your monthly payments but will save you money in interest and shorten the time you pay on the loan. Complete the attached form to submit your request for a rate review.

Dispute Form

Is there a transaction on your account that you do not recognize (you did not authorize it nor did you participate in the transaction)? Perhaps it is a transaction that you recognize but need to dispute for a multiplicity of reasons, such as a duplicate charge, charged the incorrect amount, something was wrong with products/services purchased, a subscription was cancelled but the charge posted anyways, etc. You can complete the dispute form and submit to us for review and processing.

Stop Payment Form

If you have a recurring payment linked to your account number and routing number, you can submit a stop payment form so that the upcoming payment can be stopped. Please note stop payments can only be placed on transactions linked to your account/routing number, not debit card transactions.

Change of Personal Information – Address, Phone, Email

Did you move or change your phone? We need to have your updated contact information, so we have a way to contact you. You can log into online banking and send us a secure message or complete this form to update your information.

Visa Credit Limit Increase

Do you have a Visa Credit Card with Express CU? To request your limit increase, please complete this form with your information.

EFT Form – Set up Loan Payments to be Automatic – we’ll take care of it for you!

The Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form is for you to set up automatic payments for your loan with Express CU. We’ll pull your payment from another bank account to pay on your loan here, automatically, every month!

At the top check new or change, then check “Credit” and write your ECU account # and loan #. Then check if single or recurring EFT payment. For recurring payments, write in date you want transaction to start, how much you want payment to be each month and then the date of each payment. Below check “Debit” and write in name of the Financial Institution, if savings or checking, then the routing and account # for where we’ll pull the payment.

The EFT payments happen every month on the date selected. To stop these payments you must contact us in writing 2 business days before the scheduled payment.