Our Mission and Vision

Express CU turns financial goals into fantastic realities

As a member-owned not-for-profit financial institution Express CU serves individuals and families in the Puget Sound area and Washington State who want to create a better financial future.

Express CU is a secure alternative to banks, payday lenders and check cashers. We believe that...

  • Providing financial products designed specifically for underserved people helps them build assets and achieve economic security
  • Offering financial coaching, education and other personalized support helps our members strengthen their families and local communities
  • People and organizations with greater resources are vital members that sustain the credit union’s capacity to deliver lasting solutions.
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The Express CU Mission

“Express Credit Union and partners will build a scalable and collaborative community to create positive and measurable change in the economic success of families in Washington State.”

Everyone deserves access to fair and affordable accounts and loans. Financially resilient families and households are the foundation for building strong societies. Express CU offers a variety of opportunities and solutions for you to manage your money and reach your financial goals.


Economic Justice for All!

“Every person in Washington State is financially resilient and possesses the financial tools they need to pursue their dreams.”

We recognize that creating solutions requires broad support from individuals and organizations large and small. Together with trusted partners Express CU works tirelessly to meet the needs of all of our members. We partner with selected organizations that offer supplemental financial education and other free services to our members.

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