Build Your Credit

Rebuild Your Credit

Credit Builder Loans

Life Happens!

Sometimes all it takes is one unexpected expense to throw off your entire budget, leading to delinquent payments or inability to pay an account balance. Improve your Credit Score with a Credit Builder Loan. These products are designed with you in mind and to help you build or rebuild your credit history.

Late pays and unpaid balances can:

Affect your credit

Lower your credit score

Limit your ability to borrow at fair and affordable rates in the future

When you're ready to get back on track and start rebuilding your credit, Express CU has products designed just for this scenario

Help you rebuild your credit score

Restore your borrowing capacity

Jumpstart your savings


Credit Builder Loans (Cash Secured)

AKA Money on Lay-a-way!

Establish and build your credit with loan terms of six months to one year

Funds from the loan are deposited and frozen in your account and name at Express CU

And that money will earn dividends!!

The deposit funds are used as security for the loan *

Make monthly, on time payments

Once you have paid off the loan the funds are released to you!

Interest rates are low

A cost effective method to establish or rebuild credit history

Maximum loan is $3,000

Rate varies based on credit score, ranging from 4.15% to 12.15% APR ⱡ.

*You will have access to your deposit funds when the loan is paid in full.

Express CU's credit builder loans may be exactly what's needed to reset your financial future.

Even if...

your credit score is below 550

you currently have past due loan payments

have charged off accounts

...Express CU may be able help!


If qualified for these products and your score is lower than 550 you may be referred to an on staff Express CU financial coach to

assess your personal financial situation

review your credit report

talk about budgeting tools

learn more about how these products may help you build a better financial future

Secured Credit Card

Qualify for your first credit card or rebuild credit with an Express CU secured VISA card 

Obtaining a secured card requires a deposit of 120% of the card limit into a savings account

For example, Express CU requires $600 on deposit for a $500 credit limit

Deposit funds in your name are held as security for the loan for at least 6 months, subject to conditions

Make on time payments and you may qualify to have your deposit funds released

Rate varies based on credit score ranging from 8.50% to 16.50% APR ⱡ.

Secured VISA card limits range from $200 minimum up to $1,000.

Submit a loan application online or call 206-622-1850 to see if you qualify

Consumer Visa Agreement

Some restrictions may apply, ⱡ see Truth in Lending Disclosure